To Another Year…


First off, Happy birthday to my beautiful queen that is my Mom! I could write 1312 Tb’s explaining how much I love this woman but I don’t want to bore you. Lol! As you Probably  don’t know, I was able to attend the SAE festival and had a cool time meeting some software heads and other producers last week and also got to learn a lot about digital and analog mixing… The point that Im trying to get to with that is that I GOT SOME NEW VST’S!!!! (Nerd Moment). Oh well! On another note… Finding a cheap round trip price to ATL has been a bad experience but I think I might just pay 400$ to go. Its def worth it & Im trusting that God will provide all necessities. I mean Cmon!… God Loves me! It has to work out. So with that being said, JUST WATCH!  Also since we are on the ATL subject, I decided to let you guys hear a clip of an instrumental I made… Souff Style!

Boredom from Recinotes on Vimeo.