Star Girl


Every once in a while the people around surprise you with talent. I didn’t really see this coming but my brother PD3 released his new mixtape this week and it’s definitely something to keep in your speakers for a while. Make sure to click below for your copy!

Download your copy HERE


Star Girl Playlist:

1.) Real Love Ft. Chase Davis
2.) Never Leave Me Ft. T. Quest
3.) Tonight
4.) Making Love
5.) Till The Clock Stops
6.) Faithful To You Ft. Mr. Got It Like
7.) Let Me Be (That One)
8.) Need to Change
9.) Lost

Star Girl Producers:
Pierre (PD3) DuBose III (Tracks 5, 6, 7, 9)
Derrick (Dizz) Vines (Tracks 8, 10)
N’Tune Productions (Tracks 1, 3)
Matthew (M-Eaz) Jones’e
(Track 2)
S. Chapman (Track 4)

Star Girl Engineers: PIerre (PD3) DuBose III, Keith Saunders (TouchSounds)
Matthew (M-Eaz) Jones’e of N’Tune Productions
Ash (Radio) Rogers

Star Girl: Mastered by Vz (


The Artist formally known as P. D. 3 was born in the great city of
Bridgeport, CT under the name Jonathan Pierre DuBose III. Gifted with
talent from birth, Pierre, was raised around a musically based
family. His Grandfather was the head of a Well-Respected Quartet
Group, “The Sensational Starlights”, and father, “Jonathan DuBose Jr.”, is a World
re-known guitar player also known as the Prophesying Guitarist. Music
is passed down through the genes and has brought PD3 before many
great people, many famous artists, and has taken him
around the US. (“A Man’s Gift Maketh Room for Him, and Bringeth him before Great Men!” Pro. 18:16) Right now Pierre continues to express and explore his Talents and
Musical Abilities not only in CT but all around the US working on many
Projects Producing, Drumming, Performing Vocals and More.