Generation Updating…


3:41 AM.. Been working all day and night on projects for a NY show on Tuesday. To tell you the truth Ive never done shows like this before.. Just myself along with other producers playing music. Sounds simple right? It is.. but from what Ive seen it can be pretty tough sometimes. This is actually the first time I’m playing music for a group of people like this so I’m pretty nervous as to what to make of it. Ill be sharing the speakers with CJ Beats, Soultronik, Insane Killa Kane, C.G. & Lordphat and of course !llMind. Check out the flyer above for any info if you’d like to check it out….. (Takes a pause to watch movie scene playing in the background)…. OK now back to the post! (notice how I’m starting to do this a lot) Yes I watch movies while I work. I like to tweet, Facebook, text, watch movies on mute, etc while I work so I don’t get caught up with the songs and stay tuned and aware of my surroundings. (A lot of people zone in and become zombies so I try to stay away from that). Now the movie Im watching is pretty cool.. Think about, Jazz, dubstep, gospel, electronic, hip-hop, classical, r&b, and soul in one project… Thats what this movie is about!! DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method remix songs that they never expected to do in their lives..I put the movie below if you guys want to check it out for yourselves.. ENJOY!

WordPress wont let me Embed the movie so click the HULU link or picture to watch.