Carry On..

Its been a while since I posted some music so I asked if I can post this song and got the “OK”!.. If you’ve been following my posts here then you been able to get a peek of the studio session for this song and know the story behind it. However for those who don’t know here it is. back in January I was asked to help out in a situation that I felt was close to me. Not only because it allowed me to be a part of someones life but because I also experienced a situation similar to this ones few years back. This song is for Josia. Josia Cotto was diagnosed on August 25th 2011 with an inoperable brainstem tumor called Pontine Glioma. Their six-year-old son is currently under the care of Dr. Gravin at the Children’s Hospital of NY Presbyterian/ University of Columbia. Together with the help of 4 great people we were able to make this song to help bring awareness to this cause and help Josias family pay for his medical treatment. You can also help and learn more about this situation HERE or checking out & sharing the video below.