Artist of the Month: Alyxx Dione


Whats up Everybody?! Its been a while, I know, been a crazy month.. However theres still time for the Artist of the month.. This months artist was someone I noticed on Facebook. I probably have come across 4536782 artists a week but every once in a while there’s someone who catches your attention. In this case I was coming home from a session and felt drained from hearing the same thing over and over so I wanted to hear some new music. I logged onto my Facebook account and saw that there was a singer who had a new video.. (Sidenote: There are many artists but there are some who have that “It” thing that you can recognize instantly and never leaves your head) Alyxx Dione is just like that. Her name is her brand and its a memorable brand at that. With that being said I had to see what this video was about. I checked it out and WOAH.. Her version of “Good Life” was great in every way along wit her other projects. My first instinct was to contact her people and try my best to get on her next project even if it means giving tracks away. So with that being said, you guys should definitely check her out below.. ALSO she’s working on her next video and with the help of KickStarter she’s letting anyone help out! Click HERE to see how you can help!!