#BathSalts/ Session w. Zoe Moss


Whats up!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!! OK this post has nothing to do with Bathsalts but I just read about it so its what came to mind right now… Lets get back to the post! So last night I was at a writing session with some artists and I came home around 3.. usually just go straight to bed but I felt like checking my emails so I went to take a look and saw that Jamal left me a DM about a session @ Loft later that day.. #TruthIs I didn’t even know if id go. I ended up working til about 7 am and finally fell asleep. Woke up and decided to take the drive.

When got there I got to meet Zoe. She’s a new artist/Song writer from NY and she’s a pretty dope person too! We ended recording 2 TRAACCCCKKSSS (in my 2 chainz voice) and i decided to take the acapellas and give her brand new versions of them. (look out for that soon) After that went to New Haven and did some RTN work, came home for some iStandard work and now I’m typing this… Check out some footage!

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