The opposite of a winner..

Almost 2 months since my last post huh?… reason? None…. Just laziness and distractions..  Sorry folks.  Anyways its bee a while so let me update you on  my unexpected turns of life.. Well since my last post Ive had the honor of working for the legendary Ken Lewis on what I consider to be Hip hop’s “Album of the Year”, Had work featured on TV, iStarted a random project while canceling another, Working with an R&B artist from CT & working on Darius Wolley’s (Formerly known as Ace The Artist) new album.


Lets start with the beginning..

Im sitting in a studio with a hip-hop mixing legend Ken Lewis recording choirs for another hip-hop legend and in walks J Cole.. about an hour later we’re recording choirs for a song that hes working on.. session is over and we all go home. A few weeks later im sitting in the same studio and were recording choirs again. After a couple sessions we’re recording strings and J tells us that he will release his album the same day as Kanye West. A few weeks later “Born Sinner” releases & debuts at #2 & 4 weeks later goes Gold..


The craziest part about this experience is that about a year ago I drove to NYC with Joe & Pierre to meet Ken Lewis at an iStandard show. We were running late, were in the middle of a storm & were speeding to get there but it didnt matter. I had so many questions & wanted to get there ASAP. I still remember that ride because we played nothing but Just Blaze songs the whole way there on the Jambox. By the time we got there Ken was already out the door. I remember wanting to go home right after since I had no other reason to stay. Who wouldve thought… Anyways 1 year later im in the studio absorbing everything that I could from Ken with a rapper that ive been trying to work with for years.. (See my first posts) So with that being said please go buy J Cole’s new album. Not only is it an amazing piece of work but it is also the first major label project with my name on the credits.

Thank You


(P.S. Stay tuned for my new posts this week regarding a few cool sessions with a few awesome people)