A Beautiful Crime

Whats up everyone?! Hope all is well. If you’re still checking up on the site, thank you! if not then…. That sucks. Back to the point. If you watched closely you would’ve have noticed a bunch of art in the video for “The Making of Dear Bridgeport”. Well believe it or not Bridgeport is filled with artists. Painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, musicians, etc and soon they will ll be in one place along with other artists from around the area. With that being on March 21st you can check out “A Beautiful Crime Graffiti & Pop Art Exhibit II” at the Reads building in Downtown Bridgeport. The exhibit will be open for a while after but it would be great to come by and check out their grand opening.


“A Beautiful Crime Graffiti & Pop Art Exhibit II” is an art show featuring regional, national, and international graffiti and pop artist and their work in the forms of canvas, sculpture, photography and more. Also featuring pop art and artist influenced by the art form.

The collection ranges in various styles, subject, and technique. “A Beautiful Crime Graffiti & Pop Art Exhibit II” also includes other elements long connected with the art form as well, some of which being turntablism (DJ’s), B-boying (break dancers) and beat boxing also performed by regional artist. We hope to have you apart of the sequel to this amazing exhibit.

Reception: Reads Ground Floor Gallery,
March 21st 2014 from 5pm-10pm.
Light h’dourves, beverages, and live music will be provided.

1042 Broad st Bridgeport CT

Exhibit Ends: May 2nd, 2014


If you have any questions be sure to contact Razul “Rahz” Branch  @ 203.395.1395

God Bless you guys and I hope to see you there!